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So a couple days ago (14/05) One Ok Rock just drop their Ambitions Tour stream on youtube. And me, being oblivious to literally everything, of course gonna forgot about this. I even put the reminder on my phone. And when I finally realize it, I was like "O fck I missed it."

Fortunately I didn't missed it entirely. I manage to watch from around the middle of the concert.

Ambitions -Introduction-
Bombs away
Deeper Deeper
Taking Off
Cry out
Clock Strikes
Bedroom Warfare
Always coming back
Wherever you are
Bon Voyage
Start Again
I was King
Take what you want
The Beginning
Mighty Long Fall
We are
One Way Ticket
Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (完全感覚Dreamer)

[All the fun]
I think it was around 69 or Always Coming Back when I started watching, just right before Wherever You Are.
oor concert viewing_200516_0166.jpg
Tomoya with piano, Ryota with violin (?), Toru with guitar, and Taka' singing voice. It's all so beautiful.

oor concert viewing_200516_0162.jpg
This visual, with Taka's angelic voice and a really calming instruments. It touched my heart. This performance got me so emotional.

At this point, I'm already fangirling with my friend lol, and we both love I Was King, so when it started, we're just going crazy at it. I have to say though, that one part when Taka literally hold his entire mic stand up and let the fans sing, that made me speechless. Such a power move.
After that, it's MC section. Taka talks about OOR journey in the past 10 years. I don't understand most of it, but at one point he said something like "We OOR, and you all, all of us is trying their best, together" and something like "We're not a boy group or an Idol group, we, One Ok Rock, are a rock band." and I, I just love it.

After that it's Take What You Want and even from the start, it got me. Without any instrument, you can hear Taka's voice clearly. His voice here is so soft and full of emotion, and combined with the silhouette it's beautiful.
oor concert viewing_200516_0087.jpg

There's a big change of mood between Take What You Want and The Beginning. They do this initiation for The Beginning is really good, and they really got us hyped up. And the hype not for nothing. One thing about One Ok Rock concerts is how much energy they gives off. And what's amazing is how that energy were also radiated by the fans. The whole venue is just rocking there.
oor concert viewing_200516_0087.jpg
Of course he did the hand. And then he even making heart-beating movement with his hand

and dont forget when he go to the audience

oor concert viewing_200516_0087.jpg
We Are is one of our favorite song, for obvious reasons I love this version

oor concert viewing_200516_0087.jpg
The concert seems to end right after We Are. And the moment they're about to leave stage, we're just "No!! dont go :("

They hadn't ended the concert. There'se one more song, One Way Ticket.
oor concert viewing_200516_0087.jpg
The view in this one with the dark stage, and only the square light under them. And how the audience seats was lit by the lightsticks. this got me. Such a great way to end the concert.

oor concert viewing_200516_0087.jpg
Bonus of Taka being emo and making making me emo.
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I'm still in the middle of exams but tbh I've been excited about customizing my journal? lol I've always seen ppl's blog and how different it is for everyone, and I've always wanted to try web designing, or on this case blog/journal designing I guess.

I've changed some stuff already but apparently there's another way to customizing and I really hope I can do more there. Idk this quarantine made me do things I usually wouldn't. I've never thought of having/writing my own journal. Bc tbh I don't really like writing, and am pretty bad at it. but maybe some of it have to do with the fact that it's a school assignment and a subject I'm not really interested in??

Man I'm bored help me. I guess this is a good time to cross some stuff on my watchlist.